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2012 - Nascita di Smart Future

Smart Future was founded in 2012 in Monte di Malo (VI)as a start-up for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. From the very beginning, Smart Future developed an Energy Measurement system for monitoring consumption and statistical analysis of the energy and environmental data.

In 2014 Smart Future obtains the certificate on the UNI CEI 11352:2014 standard. This recognition allows the company to be defined as an Energy Service Company (E.S.Co.) and as such to offer its customers services for the energy efficiency of their properties.


After the merger with Italian Power Company in October 2016, Smart Future has become a young and dynamic engineering company dedicated to the design and development of efficient energy solutions, capable to meet the challenges proposed by the market, both in the residential and industrial sectors.

Smart Future Srl movesfrom its headquarters in Monte di Malo to the one inVicenza, in Viale dell’Industria 37. With new spaces and major projects to be developed, together with other realities, Smart Future aims to create a new large network dedicated to energy efficiency at the service of businesses, individuals, and public administrations




Our values and objectives

Vision aziendale

Through our services and activities, we want to make people aware that each of us can contribute to improve the sustainability and efficiency of their homes and businesses. Ours is a challenge in which we believe for the present and future life quality.

Through our internal know-how and continuous research for innovation, we act in a practical and direct way to improve the comfort of homes and the efficiency of companies.

Proposing ourselves as the only interlocutor is our main strength: when customers choose us to deal with a project of redevelopment, renovation, construction from scratch of a building or for efficiency requirements for their company, they can rely on an organized structure with a cross-section of skills.

Mission aziendale


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