In order to implement any improvement work, it is essential to measure the energy consumption of buildings and production machinery, comparing them with the target references.

Smart Future offers a service of supply and installation of a comprehensive energy measurement system including:

            1. analysis of measurement needs
            2. pre-feasibility of the intervention
            3. design of the measurement system
            4. installation and configuration of the measurement system

The last step involves two options: the first is the integration of the new energy measurement system to the existing ones; the second involves the implementation from scratch of a measurement system consisting of meters, hardware, and software components for reading data.

Energy Measurement
Titoli Efficienza Energetica


As a certified UNI CEI 11352:2014 E.S.Co., Smart Future manages the obtaining procedure for Energy Savings Certificate (ESC).

The ESC, or white certificates, are tradable titles certifying that energy savings have been achieved through interventions that improve the efficiency of buildings. More precisely, it is possible to obtain titles that can be converted into cash when energy upgrades providing significant energy savings are carried out. White certificates can be traded and valued in the market platform managed by the GME.  A certificate is equivalent to the energy savings of one tonne of oil equivalent (TOE)


For more than 10 years Smart Future has been promoting the adoption of sustainable environmental behavior through collaboration with many companies. The support we provide to the industry focuses mainly on three areas: incentives, participation in calls for proposals (regional and national), and corporate consulting for the reduction of environmental impact.


With the consulting, we offer companies an analysis based mainly on three factors: climate, carbon neutrality, and environmental marking.


We provide indices for the analysis of environmental impacts in terms of product, company, operational processes, and buildings energy performance. The indices that are generally taken into account are climatic, water, ecological, abiotic, related to ecosystem quality, human health, and resource use.

These indicators are a tool by which users can measure their level of environmental business.


We provide support to companies in the certification of carbon neutrality through the accounting and sale of CO2 with the aim of zero environmental impact so to ensure clean processes.


We provide our sustainability expertise to help customers orient themselves in the world of environmental compliance and product sustainability, following their geographical and sales needs.

Energy Measurement